Resources to help you participate as a citizen!

Some hands-on resources to empower you as a citizen of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and the United States of America! This civic resource center will continue to expand. 

College students pick up your absentee ballot application today. The deadline for your absentee ballot application is OCTOBER 31st. The last day for the County Board of Elections to receive civilian absentee ballots is NOVEMBER 3rd! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay!
ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 7th / Polls open 7 am to 8 pm. 

Lehigh County Absentee Ballot
Pennsylvania Civic Education Awareness Month on Facebook

A comprehensive resource guide to everything you need to vote in Pennsylvania.

Civics and You: Your Key to PA Local Government
The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to help Pennsylvania residents understand how their government is organized. It also shows you how to participate as a citizen and how to support your munipality and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is important that every citizen understands how Pennsylvania government is structure, the role it plays in your life, and how it works.

Lehigh Valley 4 All
Founded November, 2017, the Mission of Lehigh Valley For All is a progressive, community-minded organization whose goals are to provide a platform for voters to gain knowledge of the political system and to effectuate progressive policies within their communitiese through issue campaigns and encouraging our membership to seek office. 

Featured Video: Click to watch Amy! 


 Amy Zanelli has dedicated her life to helping families, protecting children and working with senior citizens. She worked tirelessly for nearly ten years in human services alongside the criminal justice system, the two areas that comprise 70% of Lehigh County's budget. She possesses degrees and certifications in Forensics, Sociology, Criminology, Substanse Abuse, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, and more. This knowledge, combined with her community activism experience as a union shop steward, and volunteer work with seniors and underprivileged youth, make her the most qualified candidate to prepresent Distict 3. She resides with her wife and children in West Bethlehem. 

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