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Here's what people are saying about Amy Zanelli through their endorsements & sponsorships!

The statewide Planned Parenthood organization has endorsed Zanelli!

 Sari Stevens, Executive Director:
“The attacks on women’s access to reproductive care have reached a fever pitch. That’s why we
need leaders like Amy Zanelli. She understands firsthand how incredibly important these vital
services are to help women stay healthy and strong. Her commitment to preserve these rights is unquestionable. When most kids were playing in the school yard, she was serving as a
volunteer escort at age 13. That passion to serve never went away. She remains a tireless
advocate today, helping recently to deliver petitions with 30,000 signatures to Senator
Toomey’s office in Allentown to protest a plan to defund Planned Parenthood. We’re proud to stand with and support Amy Zanelli and do for her what she has spent nearly a lifetime doingfor Planned Parenthood.”

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 Amy Zanelli has dedicated her life to helping families, protecting children and working with senior citizens. She worked tirelessly for nearly ten years in human services alongside the criminal justice system, the two areas that comprise 70% of Lehigh County's budget. She possesses degrees and certifications in Forensics, Sociology, Criminology, Substanse Abuse, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, and more. This knowledge, combined with her community activism experience as a union shop steward, and volunteer work with seniors and underprivileged youth, make her the most qualified candidate to prepresent Distict 3. She resides with her wife and children in West Bethlehem. 

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